Special printworks is made of paint with artistic expression function, combined with some simple tools and special construction techniques to produce various texture patterns. Art painting is a new type of wall decoration art material, coupled with modern high-tech processing technology, making the product non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and also has the functions of water resistance, non-combustion, etc. High-quality art paint can be scrubbed, resistant to friction, and the color is long-lasting. new. Art paint not only overcomes the advantages of a single color, no layering, and easy discoloration, curling, blistering, seaming and short life of latex paint but also has the advantages of easy construction of latex paint, long life and beautiful wallpaper. A good decorative effect, a product that combines the advantages of latex paint and wallpaper, and our participation in the project include:

  • MGM, Cotai - Fitting-out Works for Hotel Lobby, Retail Street and Circulation Area
  • Studio City, Cotai - Fitting-out Works to Main Lobby & Porte Cohere, Retail Street & Theming, Macau Gourmet Walk
  • MGM Grand, Macau - Enhancement Work on L2 Porte-cochere & Casino
  • Fisherman Wharf, Macau - Fitting-out Works